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"Annual meeting in polymer science and technology for academic research and industrial development"


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Friday, August 7th, 2020 (Day II)

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 Room Zoom1 (ADFP1/ADFP2/RUBB)


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  886 9001 6203




 Room Zoom2 (BMED1/PBCG/BMED2)


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  836 6424 2354




 Room Zoom3 (PPMA/COMP1/COMP2)


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  471 071 2565





          1. Advanced and Functional Polymers        
                Responsive and functional polymers, Self-healing systems, Polymers  at surfaces and interfaces, Self-assembly, Sensors,        
            Micro- and nanostructured polymers, Synthesis,Green synthesis, Catalyst, Design and Architecture of macromolecules and polymers        
          2. Polymers for BCG Economy        
                Bioplastics, Biopolymers, Biorenewable feedstock, Bio-based polymers, Green polymers, Biodegradable polymers,        
            Environmental-friendly polymers, Biorefinery, Recycling polymers, Circular Technology & Design for Polymers        
          3. Biomedical Polymers        
                Drug/ Gene/ Enzyme delivery system, Scaffold, Tissue engineering,  Regenerative medicine, Biosensing, Bioimaging,        
            Cellular phenomena, Micro/ Nanoparticle, Encapsulation, Biomedical device        
          4. Rubbers/ Elastomers        
                Natural and synthetic rubbers, Elastomers, Thermoplastic elastomers, Modification, Reinforcement, Properties, Compounding,        
            Rubber blends, Latex, Rubber foam, Characterization, Applications        
          5. Polymer Blends and Composites        
                Nanocomposites Plastic/ Plastic blends, IPNs, Particulate composites, Fibrous composites, Nanocomposites, Structural design        
            and properties/ Characterization        
          6. Polymer Processing and Manufacturing        
                Polymer processing method, Polymer rheology, Polymer compounding, Polymer manufacturing, 3D/4D manufacturing        
          7. Polymer Industry Trends (Invitation only)        
            PCT-10 Abstract Guideline (pdf)                                              
            PCT-10 Abstract Guideline (word)                                              
            PCT-10 Full Paper Guideline (pdf)                                              
            PCT-10 Full Paper Guideline (word)