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The International Polymer Conference of Thailand : PCT-6

June 30 - July 1, 2016
Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand







1. Biomaterials and Biomedical Polymers
Keywords: Scaffolds, Nanomedicine, Drug and Gene Delivery System, Biomaterials, Regenerative Medicine, Diagnosis, Biosensing, Bioimaging, Cellular Manipulation, Nanoparticles etc.

2. Smart and Functional Polymers
Keywords: Self-assembly, Responsive polymers, Sensors, etc.

3. Surface and Interface in Macromolecular Systems
Keywords: Gels, Polymer alloys, Self-assembly, Supramolecules, Soft matter, Films, Coatings, Polyelectrolytes, Enzyme, etc.

4. Rubber and Polymer Composites
Keywords: Natural and Synthetic rubbers, Elastomers, Plastics, Blending, Compounding, Silica, Carbons, Clays, Nanofibers, Rheology

5. Renewable Resources and Biopolymers
Keywords: Biodegradable polymers, Polylactide (PLA), Starch, Cellulose, Polysaccharide, Chitosan, Proteins, Polymer degradation or related materials

6. Molecular Design, Structure and Properties of Polymers
Keywords: Polymer synthesis, Polymerization catalyst, Polymerization mechanism, Polymer reaction, Polymer architecture, Dendrimers

7. Polymers for Optics, Electronics and Energy
Keywords: Organic semiconductors, Electronic and optical materials, Photovoltaics and solar cells, Batteries, Fuel cells, Energy harvesting, Polymers for energy storage and conversion


Suwabun Chirachanchai, Ph.D.
Professor, President of Polymer Society Thailand
PCT-6 Chairman


The Annual Place and Time with Good Memories

The Polymer Society of Thailand (PST) was founded in 1999 by Thai academic and industrial polymer scientists. The society plays its important role as the center for the community so that the research, development and innovation including the recreation activities can be done through the network. In order to achieve the goals, the PST realizes the importance of annual meeting by organizing the Polymer Conference of Thailand (PCT) annually since 2010 as a stage to strengthen the network where the advancement of polymer can be cultivated through the presentations, discussions, idea exchanging, and collaborations among the members either from academia or industrial sector. The PST also considered the PCT as the stage to recognize the young polymer scientists in the country and announce its 'Thai Polymer Society Rising Star Award' since PCT-3. In PCT-5, the scope was extended to an international conference where the Plenaries, Keynotes, and students were invited from abroad so that the international networks and collaborations as well as the raising of the meeting quality can be expected. Read more...

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